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Heritage Walk through Ahmedabad, Gujarat

The World Heritage City of Ahmedabad was founded in 1411. Solanki rulers established a city named Karnavati in the eleventh century on the banks of Sabarmati river after establishing their victory over the Bhils. Many subsequent battles gave Karnavati different rulers at different times. At the end of the thirteenth century an independent Sultanate ruled by the Muslim Mazaffarid dynasty was established. The fourteenth Sultan Ahmed Shah renamed Karnavati as Ahmedabad and established it as his capital. Ahmedabad was the capital of the Sultanate for 162 years (1411 - 1573). The city has remnants of all the architectural wonders created during those years.

Go on a heritage walk of the old city and make the most of your visit to Ahmedabad. Read more about the walk here :

Mail us on if you wish to take this walking tour into history.

When : Ongoing

Where : Ahmedabad, Gujarat

How to reach : Ahmedabad is well connected via air, rail and road network.


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