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Dang Durbar - Dang (Saputara), Gujarat

One festival which is an ode to the British Rule in India. A durbar is called just like how it was done during the British rule. Rulers, Kings, Naiks assemble for a cultural extravaganza. Tribal dances, art forms and musical evenings are organised. For visitors to the Dangs, this festival is a great opportunity to see tribal communities like the Bhils, the Kunbis, the Warlis and the Gamits in their traditional attire.

When : 25th February 2019 to 28th February 2019

Where : Ahwa in Dangs district - Saputara Hills, Gujarat

How to reach : Nearest airport is Surat and railway station is Nasik Road. A little drive uphill after that.

Image Source : Gujarat Tourism


Kvant Festival - Kvant (Chhota Udepur) near Vadodara, Gujarat

Kvant is near Chhota Udepur, a town about 100 km from Vadodara. The Kawanth fair offers an interesting insight into the tribes of this region, their attires, ornaments, music and dancing and unrivalled opportunity to experience the culture of tribal groups like the Rathwa who attend in large numbers from villages of Gujarat and neighbouring Madhya Pradesh.

At the fair site, the atmosphere is festive. Women dressed in colourful clothes and bedecked in attractive jewellery, men with painted bodies and peacock feathers adorning their turbans, and in masks can be seen dancing, playing musical instruments and forming human pyramids. The dances are vibrant and enlivened by music, with dried gourds hung on the belts of the dancers rattling to the rhythm of the dance. A variety of tribal rituals can be witnessed during the fair.


When : 04th March 2019

Where : Kvant in Chhota Udepur near Vadodara, Gujarat

How to reach : Nearest airport and railway station is Vadodara. 100 kms by road after that.

Image Source : Gujarat Tourism


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